About the Summer Field Herpetology Course

This summer field herpetology course is offered through UVM. This is a really fun field course that lasts only a week (in 2014: June 9-14. The second week of June is typical). We will be staying at Castleton College in order to be able to explore our prime herping territory in Western Rutland County.

We usually have only 4-8 students with a maximum enrollment of 10. Unlike the Hogback Courses, this course is graded and there is homework. Since this course is offered through UVM Continuing Education, it is open to anyone, with no pre-requisites. For those who already have college degrees, it can be taken for 1 graduate credit; those without a college degree can take it for 2 undergraduate credits.

We spend most of our time out in the field live trapping turtles, catching snakes, and uncovering amphibians. I have had students from my Hogback Courses take the UVM summer course and we usually have one or two state employees or consultants.

Take a look at both the syllabus and the itinerary. (These are both .doc files) Interested? You can register through UVM at http://www.uvm.edu/~summer/course-detail/?crn=60230